Just Be – Being In The Present

In my last article I was talking about how when I first started on a spiritual growth path, I would get so frustrated when my mentors would say “just be”! I would look at them with a blank expression, I had no idea what they meant! When we do get this, it is amazing! So learn how to “just be”!

What Does It Mean?

To “just Be” means to be still and quiet in the moment, being present, rather like meditation. There are many ways to achieve this, and there are many people who actually find this by accident while they have been day-dreaming!

Being present brings a feeling of great power and peace. You will be more creative, relaxed and at one with all there is. It is as if we discover a great connection to everything that before now has been under cover or hidden from us.

Everything seems to slow down, our mind is soft and accepting our breathing deep and slow and we feel almost tingling with life. There is a great feeling of joy like a big inner smile on your heart, everything is beautiful!

How To Get There!

We all find our own way and which suits us best, if it is a struggle then it is probably not the best method for you.

For me, the best way is to be outside with nature, preferably somewhere beautiful with trees and flowers, or a beach. We can close our eyes and just listen to sounds or we can focus on something. We are just learning to be, without distractions, without judgements, with nothing, just you and what is around you!

If you close your eyes, hear the sounds but don’t focus or think of them just hear them, try to keep your mind inactive just witness.

If you want to keep your eyes open, soften your focus and look at the tree or whatever you choose, a tree is a great subject as they have such great energy, you will see it as you never have before, you will become aware of the space around it, a fuzzy sort of space, an energy, the tree’s aura! I love looking at trees.


If you prefer to be indoors, practice listening to silence, Listening to silence is one of the easiest ways to become present.

Then there is the breathing technique, just close your eyes and focus only on your breathing, listen to it, feel it, breath in through your nose deeply and slowly right to the pit of your stomach and then breath out through your mouth very slowly, keep doing this until you are aware of your slowing down and then breath normally but stay focused!

If you like the breathing method there are many audio recordings that you can follow, and breathing properly heals on a very deep level!

New Fresh Eyes!

When you “come back” so to speak, everything will look different, brighter clearer, cleaner and your body will feel amazing, you will be full of new ideas, your mind creative and playful! You will not want to come out of it, but remember this is your place that you can visit anytime.

How To Measure Your Success?

If you feel light, peaceful and full of joy, then you have got it!

The more you practise the more you will achieve! This is where you find all your answers.

You will with practise be able to just step in there for a short while if you are looking for an answer to something or just needing that space for a while. But your life generally will be amazingly different, just watch it unfold as you get happier and happier and you learn that from this place you can create whatever you like!

“Just be”!

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