Christmas Presents For Men – The Magnificent Seven

With a ginormous galaxy of gifts to choose from why is it that, generally, Men end up with more of the same old, “been there -got that” Christmas presents? If its not socks and underwear, it’s power tools and car wax. Useful stuff.

Functional.Solid. Logical. But without any “sizzle!.” Hey – it’s Christmas for men too! Where’s the equivalent excitement of a boy’s talking/morphing into a car robot in a bar-b-que set? This Christmas, why not dig a little deeper into your fertile Imagination for the alpha male(or alpha wimp) in your life. They can grok irrational, non-functional and frivoulous too. So, give ‘em a chance. Think outside the box.Take a walk on the (Christmas)wild side!

You say he loves to cook, but he already has a bar-b-que? Well then, howsabout the Wustoff 18 piece gourmet knife set?(in it’s own block yet!) Each stainless steel blade carved and shaped to perfection by the best german lasers.(And you know how hard they work!) If he’s truly a “gourmet for all reasons”, watch him salivate when he unwraps the Frenchentree 24 speed food processor! The “launching pad” to authentic gourmet French cuisine. For the more contemplative male on your list, the Panasonic 42 inch HDTV, would certainly help accelerate his reveries. And, while he’s ruminating on thoughts esoteric, what could be more relaxing(and stimulating) than a nice glass of “the red.” Fully developed and bursting with flavor after passing through his Vinturi Deluxe Wine Aerator? And, if, perchance, “the red” should render him too relaxed(after all, ’tis the season!) – you can help him navigate safely back to the fridge with the Garmin Forerunner GPS. Worn on the wrist, and includes a heart rate monitor.Video games, as all the statistic confirm, are’nt just for kids. Why not rock his virtual world with the latest game rage – Aion -Tower of Eternity? On the other end of the scale, if you think he’s gaining little value from pursuing virtual aliens, why not ease him into some value producing eyeball/mind exercise with Kindle? (and if you’ve never heard of kindle – go back to your cave. This world is not for an alien like you!)

You’re getting my drift, are you not? In a word, the essential man pleasing element this, or any other Christmas, is Surprise! And there ain’t no surprise in underwear, socks and aftershave.

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